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When you shift your focus from selling to serving you will create:

New Leads, More Revenue and Happy Customers

About Corporate Game Changers

Being the leader in your branch only happens if you focus on your strengths and focus on your unique talent or craft.




That is what drives me personally and business wise.

Taking action, starting with the first step, whilst creating high energy is what turns our dreams into reality.

I had the pleasure of woring with Yasmina in Dubai and she is a consummate professional! She offers world class service and she makes everyone feel special. I would recommend her without any reservation.

Dr Sheree SekouBest Selling Auther and Leadership Consltant (USA)

Yasmina is a powerhouse! She has such an inspiring life journey and she demonstrates how one can courageously go about transforming the world. Her support is definitely an asset in my personal life and business.

Juliana JohanFounder of the Facilitators Project and The Affirmative People (Singapore)

Yasmina has challenged me like no one before. Not only with regard to the product or service I was delivering, but also my view/beliefs on internal and external clients.

Jelle DefrayeIT Application Lead at Elia (Belgium)

Working with Yasmina is entering a next level of cooperation. She knows how to make a customer-supplier relationship feel like the perfect marriage. Sit back, relax and let Yasmina handle it.

Lesley ClausPMO Manager at MSC Belgium

Yasmina is a go-getter, determined and has a thirst for life. Her commitment to achieving results are inspiring.

Stacey MacKinnonCoach and Speaker (Canada)

Yasmina is an amazing force for good in this world. It emanates out of every pore and her integrity is unquestionable.

Ruth OwenInternational Speaker and Self-Confidence Coach (UK)

I found her to be very empathetic, approachable and excited to see others succeed. That was very refreshing. When you have the opportunity to work with her, you will notice that as well.

Yulanda BardneyCEO at KYB Inc. (USA)

I had the good fortune of meeting Yasmina through a Mastermind group and she remains one of my most memorable connections made. The entire time she offered to help and serve others in an environment where most come to be served. I just recall that she offered that kind of energy and care to everyone. Her energy is something that taught me humility and service in those few days.

Marsha FlemmingsBest Selling Author, Coach and Speaker (Bahamas)

Yasmina is authentic in every way. She comes with honest advice that aims at making your job and life easier. She is always available and always positive. After meeting with Yasmina you always feel energized. If you think 85% is good enough, don't work with her. If you want to go for 110% then gear up.

Nico HuybrechtsCEO and Owner of dataSHIFT