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What are you focusing your sales pitch on?

Hands up; how many of you have sat through a sale pitch where the sales person has only spoken about them, and gone on to bore you with the technicalities of their product or service?

I certainly have! And so many sales people are guilty of it around the world! And perhaps, you and your team are guilty of doing the exact same thing!

That is why you need a Signature Sales Story; a story that sells the value that your product or service can bring to your prospect.

I like to look at this way; you never wake up wanting to buy a new garden spade. But you do wake up wanting to dig a hole to plant a pretty plant in your garden. When you are buying a spade, you are not buying a piece of steel with a long shaft; you are buying a pretty feature for your garden.

If you have a good signature sales story that can help your prospect to see the benefits in what you sell, the value that brings to your prospect and the results you bring your prospect, then you will find that your closing rates will increase, and your engagement rate will increase rapidly too!

Create a story that connects your prospect to your product or service by highlighting the value, the benefits and the results of your product or service!

If you doubt the efficacy of signature sales stories in your brand – sit back, relax and enjoy the details of our ebook.

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