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Stop closing sales and start building relationships!

It is a well-known fact that people buy from people. We all buy from people we like; including you. You no doubt use the same car mechanic, hair dresser, shop, cleaner or gardener simply because you have developed long term relationships with them.

The same should be introduced within your sales team.

I have witnessed teams that succeed, and I have seen teams that fail; and for the teams that succeed the one thing that they have in common is the fact they work hard to develop long-term relationships.

You see, it can be so tempting to pressure your team to sell to prospects and customers that may not have a true need for your product or service, but what happens soon after? Your customer develops what is known as ‘buyer’s remorse’. They then regret the purchase. They then will never do business with you ever again. And they certainly won’t recommend you to anyone.

But what happens if your team tries to develop long-term relationships? They will be greeted with customers that encourage repeat business and will be more than happy to refer and recommend you to others!

So, before you close the sale, think deeply; are you closing the sale to just make a quick bit of commission, or are you opening a relationship that could help you to build a business?

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