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Gathering Your Gold

Asking the right questions from the beginning not only creates a meaningful connection with your next customer, but it also will allow you to gather gold that you can use to your benefit during the completion of the sales process. This checklist helps you to not oversee any information you would need to move forward in your conversation with your potential customer.


Being a star in your industry is a matter of value

You have to believe what you are worth to ask what you are worth. When it comes to the value of your service, women seem to lack confidence to ask what they are worth. More so then men. This ebook gives you insights on why you might think you are not worth more and how to change that.


How to overcome rejection and grow your business

Rejection is part of life and inevitably also from doing business. But rejection always hurts a little.
You will do almost anything to avoid it. Even not prospecting or not going to network events.

This e-book provides you with 5 insights in how you can overcome rejection and use is as a tool to grow your business.


Checklist: sales process explained

Most people that have never done sales before usually don’t know where to begin and what to do. Because of that you might be scaring your potential customer away by moving too fast. Telling what you do too soon in the process. Communicating your price too early in the process. Being too eager to close the deal. Sometimes people might think that selling is mostly talking. It is much more than that. Selling is predominantly a process, a process you can follow. If you skip a step in the process you will make it a lot harder to close that deal. This checklist gives you an overview of the complete sales process, step by step.


Creating your signature sales story

The right story will attract the right ‘paying’ customer! It will boost trust, improve customer loyalty and increase revenue: the 3 basic ingredients of a compelling sales story, insight on what you stand for as a company and what your ideal customer is truly looking for.