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Are you setting yourself up to fail?

We all know one of the main KPIs within sales is the closing of sales. You expect your sales people to close sales, and to bring new customers and clients into your business. It is what you set targets on, and it is what you expect your team to achieve.

But what happens if you are putting too much focus on the closing of sales? What would happen if you were to actually set targets for your sales team to bring potential business into the pipeline?

The number 1 focus for your sales team should definitely be ‘FILLING THE FUNNEL’.

Allow me to explain…

Whether you have just started or whether you are a company in business for years, the sales pipeline is the most important thing your sales executives and team must focus on. Sure, the closing of deals is important, but what were to happen if your sales pipeline dried up? What would happen if you ran out of prospects to contact? Eventually your sales person will close the final sale and will sit there with nothing to do.

Here’s the deal, after observing many sales teams in different companies, I have seen first-hand that those who encourage their sales team to go out there and to find new customers are those that always beat their sales targets and always achieve way more than ever expected.

When implementing a sales target, work yourself backwards. For example; if you need your sales team members to close five deals a month, why not work out how many cold calls they need to make in a day to then set up appointments, which will then lead to the sales? In doing so, you will see a much more motivated team with a clear understanding of what is needed – and most importantly, a pipeline full of potential deals to be closed?

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