The Sales Gladiator Blueprint

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A 5-step process that leverages techniques and tools for the most empowered sales conversations that give you more confidence in engaging with your customers, expand your customer base and increase your bottom line.

A 5-module video training

Module 1 – Understand
Understand everything there is to know about your customer, their business and their process.

Module 2 – Discover
Discover and uncover the challenges, needs, goals, values and desired results. Additionally find out about the budget and the timelines.

Module 3 – Value Proposition
Qualify the desired outcome and offer options and choices, but also highlight what the cost will be of doing nothing.

Module 4 – Close
Learn how to negotiate and prepare for a successful outcome.

Module 5 – Impact
Learn what you can do to get referrals and grow your business after completing a project for one customer.